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District Leader Hiram Monserrate and community members protested a new homeless shelter for people who tested positive for Covid in East Elmhurst.



Opens another shelter with almost no community notice

for homeless individuals tested positive with COVID 19    


Corona, Queens – Last week, the Department of Homeless Services again relocated more homeless cases into the East Elmhurst and Corona community. This marks at the 10th homeless shelter in this community and the latest addition to the City’s Hotel to Shelter Program. 


“We all woke up last week to find we had new neighbors,” stated Frank Taylor, president of the Ditmars Block Association. “Although we’re sympathetic to the homeless issue, there are already too many shelters in our neighborhood. Plus, our new neighbors are bringing COVID-19 into our community. Why won’t the mayor listen to us: Stop dumping your problem on our community,”  


The De Blasio administration has been transferring thousands of homeless residents from the city-run shelter system into over 60 hotels across the boroughs to curb the spread of COVID-19. However, some communities have voiced their concerns with his plan and have forced the mayor to look to other communities. In this latest episode, East Elmhurst and Corona again became the mayor's target.  


“Those Upper West Side families that beat the mayor have contacts. They have money. They even hired a lawyer. We don’t have all those resources in this community. And that’s why this working-class community of color has been targeted and over-saturated with homeless shelters.  Enough is enough,” added District Leader, Hiram Monserrate. 


Complaints from homeowners and businesses in the community include descriptions of people defecating in the streets, aggressive panhandling, using water fountains to bathe, and people walking around the hotels without the use of a mask. Leaders in the community are now joining to start a petition against additional homeless shelters in the East Elmhurst and Corona community. Join us to learn how you can help. 

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